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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 9, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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somebody who hopefully likes video games. these climate crazies and tiktok. maybe those types of people should be reproducing. that is all for tonight, dvr the show and tucker's up next and always a member this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the battle of the sexes has finally ended after several million years of jockeying and strife. men won conclusively. we notice because yesterday was international women's day that is the date that we as a global community celebrate women. if you look closely at the woman we were celebrating you may have noticed a lot of them weren't actually women they were lumpy looking dudes.
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that was not accidental, in fact it was a brilliant piece of jiu-jitsu. here you had men who are clearly craftier than they look somehow convincing a whole lot of other west self-educated women to praise them as living paragons of womanhood. thing about how hard it would be to sell that proposition. i'm going to steal your identity and then mock integrate the characteristics that define you as a person. then as i do this you, are going to smile brightly and applaud and then give a speech about how liberated you feel about that? the whole thing is amazing it's like watching a practical joke devised by the drunkest most cynical fraternity brothers at the university of alabama you could pick to all in the baseball hats dipping copenhagen spitting in our coffee mugs. you can get girls to fall for that? no way they will never buy it but they did.
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i wasn't even that hard to sell it. liberals will fall for anything if they think it's fashionable and progressive. so before long the practical joke from denny's at the university of alabama amid all the way to the white house where it was taken with the utmost seriousness. here is jill biden and secretary tony blinken handing out an award of international women's day to a duty and makeup. >> in argentina, a transgender woman who was kicked out of classrooms, barred for sitting for exams, reviews job opportunities and subjected to violence and rejected by her family. in the face of these challenges she worked and frowns and scum nation against lgbtq i plus community. [applause] [laughter] >> tucker: dgc tony blinken fight the natural urge to fl flinch? there's no flinching allowed on the international men addresses
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day. that might spoil the intended message is the audience he ladies is a guy who's making fun of you. and they do welcome the guy they clap like seals and you wonder as you watch this, is feminism over? let's see, has rome fallen? yes. feminism is over, feminism has been flattened and sacked by the trans movement. and if you doubt that, notice that all of the women's awards these days seem to be going to men. richard levine on admirals uniform and a scare became "usa today"'s woman of the year. william thomas was a one piece bathing suit and gets nonnative for ncaa woman of the year. for some guys calls himself a with an e hershey's woman stay honorary and so on. so the men are taken all the prizes set aside for women. that is not all they are stealing, they are also taking what progressives called lived
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experiences. and one can throw on a halter top of the real dividing lines . not anymore. anything a woman can do, a man can do better. that is the slogan of the trans movement that includes getting cramps, watch this. ♪ ♪ >> why? stop. ♪ ♪ swear to god if someone says anything about womanhood leap. [laughter] >> tucker: talk about mansplaining some guy ladies a certain time each month your tummy may hurt a little let me tell you about it what to do when that happens. it's too funny. of course of men can get their periods, they can also get pregnant and that's what we need legal abortion, so men won't be forced into back alleys watching
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a law professor explained. >> you talk about people with the capacity for pregnancy with abby women? >> many women have the capacity for pregnancies. there also trans men who are people as well as nonbinary people who are capable of pregnancy. >> we can recognize that this -- those things are not mutually exclusive. >> your view is that the core of this right then is about what? >> want to recognize that your line of questioning is transphobic and opens up trans people to violence denying that transit will exist and pretending not to know that they exist -- mark are you? are you chris march to believe that man can get pregnant? >> no. >> you are you denying trans
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people exist. >> tucker: how long did that woman spend in the north semi north korean brainwashing camp. so here she is telling senator hawley stop defending the matriarchy center, abortion is between a man and his doctor, hands off bodies. abortions for the men. >> we have all been talking about what the decision means for women, but also matters for nonbinary and trans birthing people. i went to alanna georgia to hear from one trans man about his experience with abortion. >> do you believe that men can become pregnant have abortions? >> yes. >> trans men and nonbinary people to become pregnant. >> so long as you have a uterus you have the capability of getting pregnant, if you think that acts existi --
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>> i appreciate you mentioning there are individuals who rely on reproductive health services and abortion services. >> some where at the university of alabama they are throwing in another howling. we got them to make abortion all about men's bodies. we got them to watch tiktok videos were some dude lectures them about menstrual cramps. we gave all the women awards to men and filled with virtuous while they do it. it is the funniest practical joke ever will need it entire category of humanity. so are our defenders? you that famously said if men can get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament. now she is going to house
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hearing saying that men cannot get pregnant. carrie dancy does not vote for the same people we vote for which is when the only people who was persistently defended the right of women to exist we are grateful for that she is president of the woman's chapter of declaration international she joins us tonight think of it coming on i'm sorry to make fun of it because it is of course going to destroy civilization itself. it is kind of amazing that all of these educated people are saying that stuff that actually is a huge middle finger in the face of women everywhere. >> it is, thanks much for having me. giving women of courage award to a man international women's day is of course appalling and disgusting to feminists including myself. who fight for the rights and privacy's and safety of women and girls. also it's not more horrible than anything else that is going on in terms of women and girls throughout society. we are all expected to --
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either simple by saying that they are or by undergoing hormonal and/or surgical treatments to make themselves appear may be slightly more like women we are all just to accept it and go along. i do want to take a quick issue that feminism is dead. i'm here to assure viewers that feminism is not dead. or i will agree with you is that mainstream feminist organizations, organizations that claim to be feminists including organizations like planned parenthood and a national organization for women come and the national center of rights, have completely caved to what is in effect an industry fueled men's rights movement. so i will agree with you on that that there are those of us on the plug left who call yourselves radical feminists and we will not stop fighting for women and girls. >> tucker: the average person on any issue has no voice at all in this country i think it's not more true than today. you think the average woman ceases as insulting?
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as a man who likes women, the seams of the most insulting possible thing i can imagine do you think it's perceived that way? >> i do, and the other day i came across really interesting polling that suggested that people who consider themselves to be either very liberal or liberal around 70-75% know that is real. they know that is not change. so when you are referring to liberals go along with this, of course you are absolutely right the democratic party is pushing this. the democratic liberal elite is pushing this, but ordinary americans across applicable spectrum are not going along and yes i absolutely think that ordinary average americans women see this as insulting. they may not realize though is that it is no more insulting than the so-called trans movement has been to women and girls for years now. >> tucker: that's right, that's right and i appreciate what you're saying.
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probably not a natural move for coming on here but thank you. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: last night we talked to a lawyer who represented january 6 defendant substantially. the lower lawyer told us that the prosecutors in violation of the constitution hit exculpatory evidence from him an offense in order to send jacobson tinsley to prison for four years where he is tonight. we should should evidence this week the surveillance footage shows federal officers leaving jacob chancey around the capital like tour guides at one point they even open the door of the hollowed senate chambers and ushered him in. so the tape proves conclusively that jacob chancey is every action inside the building of this videotape commit no felony. the government hid that fact because they did the media were allowed to paint jacob chancey is a dangerous terrorists who deserves to be killed. >> i think the most amazing
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thing about the whole thing is watching the video and on the senate floor it there is a cop who is armed and a guy burstyn the qanon shaman dress like a viking and he basically talks to them, shoot him. shoot him. [applause] you person's united states if he was dressed like usama bin laden would you shot him? >> tucker: imagine if they said that about someone you loved. now we know that the joe biden administration created that perception that this man should be killed and then broke the law specifically to destroy the life of a -- who remains in prison today. the question is what happens next? 's attorney and they join us tonight. thank you so much first to you what's it like? what has been like the last 26 months to see people of the
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lincoln project on television calling for the killing of your son cus? >> it's an awful thing to say, it's horrible. i can even imagine even saying that for somebody who just walked through open doors. right. >> tucker: has a field that teach about a mr. risch and hid this evidence on the basis of that lie and crime center son to prison for years? >> it's very upsetting, it's upsetting it should of came out two years ago that should've came out two years ago. he is an innocent man, everything that he said, that he did is true. he walked through open doors, he was escorted through the halls of the senate, and part of the
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reason why he was escorted wasn't because he volunteered to help them. he saw people in the senate he wanted to help them in any way he could. that's part of the reason why. >> tucker: it's pretty obvious think of for joining us this show confirmed today will of course. we confront today at the capitol police turned over all the video including the video you just saw a jacob cancel your client to the fbi right after january 6th so the fa had this videotape and they withheld it from the lawyer in his defense. how is he still in prison tonight? >> that is a great question. i'm sorry am i supposed to say? spew when i was asking the attorney as a legal matter how is your son still behind bars? >> jake did not have a lot of postconviction options. the plea agreement that they talk to him into a sonic waived
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waived all of his appeal rights he had no opportunity to go the circuit point of appeals connected to his conviction. he had limited rights to challenge the performance of albert watkins' lawyer when it came to the case that was the first subject i began discussing with him. my criticisms of what watkins talked a minute doing. it was a terrible plea agreement was unconscionable plea agreement dennis for 35 years. recognized immediately what he had done wrong. watkins had them plead guilty before the government was even willing to say it it produce all the evidence. the government in august 2021 was still telling judges we haven't been able to get all of the evidence to defense lawyers so please do not set trial da dates. albert watkins to not care, he convinced his client to take the offer the government made him them plead guilty. he is in a little bit of a mousetrap. >> tucker: now that we know that this was a travesty, the
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people responsible should be held accountable for it. she knew this. destroying a man's life, but how do you get jacob chancey out of jail now? >> we are looking at that not sure that there is an easy solution, there is not an easy road to that. to get the matter back in before the judge and the district court here. and to have them reconsider the sentence. in many ways it's procedurally barred weird enough to come up with a creative way to get him back before judge. i think the judge may be little bit unhappy of the government presented some videos at the sentencing to paint jacob in the worst possible light in the way that they described him in court as the face of the insurrection. violent, the judge lambert frankly gave him the sense that albert watkins negotiated. the sentence in the plea agreement was 41-51 months and
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he gave one months. i think the judge lambert today probably thinks that he saw everything he needed to see when he made that decision. >> this is an open and shut travesty. godspeed to both of you adding this unjustly man out of jail thank you both very much. >> thank you tucker, thank you very much i really appreciate you. >> tucker: thank you. the war in ukraine is not coming to a close no peace agreement is on the horizon demanding f-16 fighter jets meanwhile they are so lying about happened to the nordstrom pipeline. the story has changed and obtain all of that with tulsi gabbard next. ♪ ♪ i'm down with rybelsus®. my a1c is down with rybelsus®.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: it feels like several thousand years ago, donald trump ordered american troops at a serial why would troops be in syria just because he's the president does not mean to get to control the military know you don't. so u.s. troops state and syria at the reason which mark totally unclear. so this week for the congressman matt gaetz who represents may be more active duty military than anyone else in the u.s. congress introduce resolution to bring
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those troops home in six months. the resolution failed of course, the support of 56 democrats it feels a little bit. joining us tonight tilting windmills congressman think so much for coming on. i'm not sure most americans know we have troops in syria. why do you have troops in syria did you get to the bottom of that question? >> if you believe the democrats and republicans who led the debate against member solution the 2001 authorization to use military force against afghanistan and the people who were involved in the 9/11 attacks they believe actually justifies u.s. troop presidents and syria in 2023 it's like they think that document is a global permission slip for every neoconservative fantasy to try to turn these desperate places into jeffersonian democracies by weaving together sand and blood and air militias the reality is far different in syria and iraq,
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we have actually funded a good amount of ices by giving weapons and training some of these entities and then watching them shift their alliances faster than the shifting sands. united states america is not a middle eastern power. we are an atlantic power and we are pacific power for us to come and ourselves into the middle east i think is been a disaster for my generation it's a multiple presidencies i'm going to continue to force the votes in congress to bring our troops home from his faraway places where the mission is as unclear as it is. >> tucker: maybe we should start with a clearly defined mission as an end point we can all agree on. that would be a start. >> what is that even mean? they don't even know but are willing to set american sons and daughters there it's disingenuous. >> tucker: and they're getting rich from it. thank you so much. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: won the joe biden administration is in everything
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he can for two years eastern europe. that plan is unfolding no one seems to notice president zelenskyy who runs ukraine was on cnn last night and he said he expects the joe biden administration to give him f-16 soon. >> we don't have the fighter jets to do with it. to counteract the russian hits we really need this. it's really appeal to the president i can start training president joe biden told me it would be worked upon i think the united states will give us the opportunity to defend. >> tucker: have they been telling us for over a year that russia is going to be defeated and why are we sending ever-increasing amount of money and materials ukraine speaking of lying to us the reason they
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tell set russia blow up its own pipeline? >summit call april ukrainian group blew up the nordstrom pipeline the largest environmental disaster in human history. also shafted our nato allies in western europe are ukrainian group okay tulsi gabbard served she joins us tonight congressman think so much for coming on. this april ukrainian group se military prowess to blow up one of the world's most important pipelines the joe biden administration nothing to do it that the new lead to the telling us? [laughter] >> apparently so the united states and nato are responsible for this act of sabotage and active were attacking and destroying this motion pipeline. they been lying to us all along about it and now they've been busted and the trying to sell at this cover-up story on the one hand they're telling us we have this new intelligence that shows
5:27 pm
us no americans were involved in this attack dependent same time we cannot draw any conclusions to the intelligence on who actually did it because we don't have specific details on each of the members of the so-called pro-ukrainian group it's insanity for anyone is paying attention to what they're saying the reality is that they are responsible for this. and they are short-term and, serious implications for this action it sets the precedent for countries like russia, north korea, iran, china to go ahead and launch these attacks and sabotage against critical infrastructure gets other gas pipelines financial systems and satellites the list goes on and on. just imagine the kind of problems to say the least that that would cost for us the american people and for the world. >> can ask you a dumb question so this pipeline in germany the
5:28 pm
economic engine of europe is the key player nato offer nato, we just write economy of our kino ally of germany blew up the hoover dam with a stubby airtight nato ally? doesn't have to disintegrate after we get caught doing this >> the joe biden administration wants us to believe that they wants to believe this cover-up story first of all which the cover-up story implies that the united states and nato's military intelligence agencies are so inept and incapable the nobody knows what was going on, nobody saw this coming. you are exactly right. this was an active were not just against russia, but against her ally germany. also, an act of war can only be declared by congress. not by the president of united states or anybody else included not happen and that's where joe biden needs to address the nation, tell us the whole truth about what went down and
5:29 pm
congress needs to exercise its oversight responsibilities to actually investigate this to tell us the truth get to the bottom of it and held those responsible an account. >> tucker: is the most reckless thing of ever seen in 50 years. tulsi gabbard thank you so much and continue to call attention unbelievable knowing's contention. >> tucker: something pretty amazing and pretty great really happening in new jersey herd of sheep escaped from a slaughterhouse, they join us next. just kidding but we will tell you about it next. ♪ ♪
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hi, i'm jill and i've lost 56 pounds on golo. hi, i'm barry and i've lost 42 pounds. jill and i are a team. if she tells me to do something, i usually jump on board. golo was doable, it's realistic, and it's something we can do the rest of our lives. >> tucker: we search someone how to find them driving to addison new jersey notice something weird, seven sheep were wandering around the just escaped a slaughterhouse they leader rounded all the sheep up the sheep are not allowed to wander around and here's a happy
5:35 pm
ending the sheep are not going back to the slaughterhouse, like hanging this rope breaks you are free. so the sheep are now at the scarlett's animal sanctuary in sussex county new jersey. johnny kendo is animal control officer the finder of skyland century and they join us ton tonight. thank you guys so much for coming. so if you would, wouldn't you see? over the doing when you apprehended them? >> tucker, maybe was about 6:00 in the morning and i'm 11 calls were coming in for the please department there sheep running around the town we got there it was unbelievable. he had three sheep trapped in one place, once sheep was down by dunkin' donuts and the other was down was an easy does it weigh about two hunter pounds each. what's the escape from a slaughterhouse they are never going back they're going to the sinks way.
5:36 pm
the end up getting to sheep we brought them back to two police cars we escorted them to the animal shelter lights and sirens all the way up to the shelter we came back we rescue the other ones you'd have to see it it was just something unbelievable. >> tucker: if i could just really quickly single out the sheep at dunkin' donuts for second, what he order? >> no probably a cream, one sugar and then a bagel. >> tucker: when i colors mike you are a good man take the sheep. they are rescued from orders or life can look like now? >> will, you're looking at it is our sheep barn they have big field appear. they get to live their life out and hopefully will pass away from old age a long time from now. they just do whatever they want.
5:37 pm
>> tucker: want to live any sense of how lucky they are comparing their lives to their compatriots back at the abbotts war? they are pretty fortunate sheep. >> i will tell you they pay attention better than we think. they've only been here a couple of days we just got the okay to let them in with some of our other sheep your. and you could see already how much they've gone down, they know that they are safe now or at least it's the way the other sheep treat us you are the way they come right up to us and all that. these guys learn that. >> tucker: officer for sheep watching the show tonight a sense of how these guys got out of the slaughterhouse? >> no what happen, but they probably open up the truck and the guy wasn't watching where he was going. the sheep said it's probably now or never.
5:38 pm
absolutely. >> tucker: you guys are just so great. you're making me crowded proud to be american. it's such an important point you see an opportunity and you take it. and you can wind up with mike, thank you great to see you both. >> thank you, thank you. >> tucker: went the twitter files will be learned from elon musk archive at twitter really is one of the few that will endure is probably the most consequential investigative journalism from memory. that journalism proves that the highest of the federal government correlated with social media company to suppress dissent to end the first minute freedom of speech. house judiciary committee held hearings on the story congressman stacey plaskett is the opportunity to attack two of the journalists behind the twitter files. >> the republicans have brought elon musk public scribes. to release cherry picked of
5:39 pm
context emails and screenshots designed to promote his chosen narrative. elon musk chosen narrative that is now being. by the republicans because the republic of think that these witnesses would tell a story that is going to help them out politically. this is not a matter of date it was given to these journalists before now, mr. chairman i'm not exaggerating when i say that you've called two witnesses who pose a direct threat to people who oppose them. >> tucker: almost unbelievable that there are fascist like that who could end up in the u.s. congress. arguing in congress for censorship. michael shellenberger is one of the journalists who brought us this information he joined us tonight. biggest so much for coming on. there's so much we could spend three hours who probably shouldn't. how did she respond to steams like that in the u.s. congress? sitting member of congress
5:40 pm
saying that? >> very disturbing event as you pointed out then proceeded to demand to know who our sources were which of course we were unwilling to share with them it's a terrible the context we were revealing this is way beyond woke censorship within twitter, we have now discovered a censorship industrial complex that includes government-funded entities that are doing state-sponsored censorship and includes to permit the permit f homeland security, the fbi is involved, now working with the national finals plantation to make $40 worth of grants and universities around the country. all done in the name of fighting disinformation, but in fact are spreading disinformation, spreading conspiracy theories as we saw them do what the russia gate, we saw them spread the conspiracy theories are on hunter biden's laptop.
5:41 pm
they're now seeking widespread use of artificial intelligence to censor accurate information have now seen facebook and twitter caught censoring accurate information about coronavirus vaccinations because they were worried that it would lead to vaccine hesitancy. the story has really evolved and is much more to say on it we are still discovering quite a bit of information, but what you're basically seeing here is the rise of a for-profit censorship funded by american taxpayers to censor real-world information and this is basically a turning of the national security state from the kind of psychological operations that they launch a broad into the united states using the exact same kind of influence operation tactics that they brought on the american people, it's a huge scandal a lot more to come in the story in the weeks and months to come. >> tucker: this is against the law, the state crime and is against the constitution of the united states.
5:42 pm
why is no one been arrested for this question work i not understand. >> we all stumble across it first we can figure out why it was that you had dhs, fbi, all of these people in the white house interfering and making demands on the social media platforms to censor people and then we realized it was actually very well organized it was coordinated their efforts by various think tanks to insist that reporters not properly cover the hunter biden laptop story prebunking in advance it's incredibly well coordinated it's very shocking and you're absolutely right. the u.s. government cannot infringe upon the right of media companies to protect free speech, you cannot hire somebody to censor. this subcontracting, the contracting taxpayer money and organizations to engage in censorship is absolutely illegal we have been promised that there is many people we met with eddie and congress who promised to get to the bottom of it and we have to defund and dismantle the
5:43 pm
censorship industrial complex before it really undermines the whole democratic system. >> tucker: yeah, it is a crime and we appreciate your journalism is always thank you. all kinds of weird things are happening in the economy, you don't know always what it adds up to could be summing awful or not. we feel duty bound to bring it to you. a major market sell-off today filled by banks, bad news. among big banks joining us next to explain we should think of it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are not ukraine's obvious who the joe biden administration does not paint super close attention to the american economy we try to keep track sort of i mean there was a major stock sell-off today the tech focus bank financial a large stock sale. silicon valley bank stock plunged by 60% so we want to to charlie gasparino a fox business and correspondent to know if this should be of some concern.
5:49 pm
charlie? >> it's deftly concerned there are two stories here the obviously local story of a silicon valley bank that needs capital know facing tremendous withdraws from silicon valley company that had to sell the portfolio treasury securities they tried to press in value right now. that's the marker story, the canary in the coal mine stories out there as well. which cause a 500-point decline in the dow today met some banks in general holding on treasury securities they essentially accumulated during all the fed public of interest rates and the crazy spending by dividing the administration they hold these things and now since your fed rate increases those are worth a lot less of the balance sheet at jpmorgan, bank of america you go down the line of all the banks they have impaired balance sheets. now does this mean we are can have a banking crisis tomorrow? i don't think so these are
5:50 pm
treasuries that are crazy morgan bank security so we had a 2008. what it does show you if the economy is really structurally screwed up. you cannot print and spend as much money as we have not have wild dislocations in the economy including bank balance sheets including bad stuff that's going down. we should point out this is a silicon valley lender is of the tech sector is supposed to be this great prosperous place if you and right now again canary in the coal mine. banks are exposed to this as well in new york big money saver banks you could see how this thing can get out of hand they can get up there and see our great things are, their underlying real underlying problems in this economy we are starting to see it play out by little. in episodes like this. >> tucker: the -- >> you cannot print summing that loses its value and that's we did with the u.s. dollar. >> tucker: exactly charlie,
5:51 pm
thank you so much. so we are living in an age where the worst seems to be on perpetual ascendance white house press secretary and the best are crushed we believe it's one of the best is with very few journalists in a briefing room who asks real questions. is a top reporter from africa and washington and for that he is hated jean pierre been avoiding for months now they've learnt that he is being booted from the white house correspondents association controls axis. kind of shocking news joining us today. simon i'm sorry to hear this news and am shocked by. how can we turn of the white house correspondents association? >> think of for having me come a thing of. and thank you for releasing the videos that showed that we
5:52 pm
didn't have the full story. i just want you personally. >> the association has decided i'm not supposed to be a member of the association they refused to renew my membership. when do the right thing yes the right question they try to silence you and try to censor you. the only thing that they are doing to me right now is try to punish me for try to be a good journalist for asking the question that the american people really care about. it's shameful and the prison of the white house correspondent association. a publicly funded media organization should be ashamed of ourselves. >> tucker: absolutely ashamed of yourselves. the correspondent it's fake reporter is colluding with the white house press secretary to throw the one guy in the room
5:53 pm
out who astro questions that's what you're saying? >> when you do send questions in advance she is totally incompetent she lies a lot. she has lied repeatedly about the classified documents and other things when you asked those questions, when you press the truth they silence you. i never believe that this could happen to be in the united states. in africa we look up to the u.s. we saw the beacon of light, the beacon of excellence, the beacon of free streets. here i am right in the white house in the powerful house in the world. being censored and being punished by the w acl who who collude with the white house to punish someone who is doing the right thing. >> tucker: it's unbelievable the state broadcaster the state to shut down free speech.
5:54 pm
one of npr's media corres correspondent. we are blessed by your presence on the show thank you. i'm sorry. if you want to see more from that man we had an amazing conversation over an hour on tucker carlson today. that is on fox nation. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we are out of time if you take the opportunity to escape the slaughter house you get to live for the rest your life happily in a sanctuary. there has to be some kind of metaphor there. i'm not sure. have the best night with the ones you love, we'll see you then and in the meantime we are honored to turn over to sean hannity. ♪ ♪ >> sean: by the way welcome to "hannity" we are broadcasting live for the few people in new york that are really normal. [applause] we have our studio audience by the way you can get tickets at you guys are great this can be a fun night. tonight we are tracking multiple stories and they are major, the crisis at the southern border, disaster and he's posting in


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